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Golf Ball Pick up Tool


Brand 19th Hole Custom Shop

The 19thHole Golf Ball Pick-Up Tool fits almost any putter grip and is specifically engineered to retrieve your golf ball after a putt has been made. The 19thHole Ball Pick-Up Tool is a significantly superior alternative to the suction cup pick-up tools. The discrete and smart design allows golfers to retrieve the golf ball out of the cup quickly and securely without bending over. The 19thHole Ball Pick-up Tool makes a great golf gift for golfers of any age, and it attaches easily to almost every golf putter within minutes. Opening for use requires a single thumb motion, and it closes just as easily. When not in use, the Ball Pick-up tool looks and feels like a natural extension of the golf putter´s shaft. Get rid of those annoying suction cups and move up to a far superior technology.
  • Specifically engineered to retrieve your golf ball after a putt has been made
  • Simple to use, it fits on any golf putter grip
  • You no longer have to bend over to retrieve your ball
  • The synthetic materials ensure high durability
  • Weight 13gram
  • Makes a unique gift for any age golfer and it´s discreet

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