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.335 SureFit Tour Hosel Adapter for Titleist 915, 913, 910 D2 D3 Driver


Brand 19th Hole Custom Shop

The aftermarket SureFit Tour Hosel Adapter Sleeve for Titleist 915 D2 D3 Driver. The 917 adapter is precision milled to exact tolerances and allow loft and lie angles to be set independently to optimize your preferred ball flight.

The SureFit® hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. There are 16 unique loft and lie angle combinations.

SureFit® Hosel Performance Fitting Guides

Start in the standard position: A•1 (RH) or D•4 (LH).

Move up or down in the grid below to adjust trajectory.

Move left or right in the grid to fine tune direction.

+/- .75° denotes driver settings; +/- 1° denotes hybrid setting.


  • Will Fit Titleist 915, 913, 910 Drivers D2/D3.
  • Includes Ferrule and Screw
  • 915, 913 and 910 driver shafts are interchangeable.
  • This adapter fits both of Right and Left Handed clubs and shafts with a .335 TIP

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