Any Order made after Jan 15, 2020 will be shipped the earlist of Feb 24, 2020

These weights fit Scotty Cameron Putters below:

 Select Newport
Select Newport 1.5
Select Newport 2
Select Newport 2 Dual Balance
Select Newport 2 Mid
Select Newport 2.5
Select Newport 2.6
Select Newport 3
Select Newport 2 Notchback
Select Newport M2 Mallet
Select Laguna
Select Del Mar
Select Flowback 5
Select Flowback 5.5

2019 Newport Teryllium T22

2018 Select Squarback
2019 SquareBack
2019 SquareBack 1.5
2020 SquareBack 2

Phantom X5
Phantom X5.5
Phantom X6
Phantom X6.5TR
Phantom X7
Phantom X7.5
Phantom X8
Phantom X8.5
Phantom X12
Phantom X12.5

2018 Concept X CX-01
2018 Concept X CX-02

Cameron & Crown Newport
Cameron & Crown Newport 2
Cameron & Crown Newport Mallet 2
Cameron & Crown GOLO 5
Cameron & Crown Futura 5MB
Cameron & Crown Futura 6M
Cameron & Crown Futura X5R

Dual Balance Futura 6M DB
Dual Balance Newport 2 Notchback DB
Dual Balance Golo 5 DB

Studio Select Newport
Studio Select Newport 1.5
Studio Select Newport 2
Studio Select Newport 2 Mid Slant

Studio Select Newport 2.5
Studio Select Newport 2.6

Studio Select Newport 2.7
Studio Select Laguna 1.5
Studio Select Laguna 2

GoLo GoLo 3
GoLo GoLo 5
GoLo GoLo s5
GoLo GoLo 5R
GoLo GoLo Dual Balance
GoLo GoLo 6
GoLo GoLo 7
GoLo GoLo 7 Dual Balance

Futura 5CB
Futura 5MB
Futura 5W
Futura 5S
Futura 5.5M
Futura 6M
Futura 6M DB
Futura 7M

Select GoLo
Select GoLo S
Select GoLo Mid
Select GoLo S Mid
Select GoLo 5
Select GoLo S5

Futura X
Futura X Dual Balance
Futura X7
Futura X7M
Futura X7M Dual Balance
Futura X5
Futura X5R
Futura Futura X5 Dual Balance

Select Big Sur Long
Select Big Sur S Long
Studio Select Kombi
Studio Select Kombi Mid
Studio Select Kombi Long, Kombi S

Limited Release Futura X5 H-14
Limited Release GoLo N7
Limited Release GoLo N5

California Monterey
California Monterey 1.5
California Sonoma
California Coronado
California Hollywood
California Sonoma