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Guiote Oversized 5.0 Putter Grip, Canada

$29.99 $12.99

Brand Guiote

The Guiote Oversized Putter Grip with an oversize and flat-front putter grip designed to minimize wrist movement and reduce grip pressure in both hand, eliminate to add tension in the wrist and forearms. This helps the arms to swing free, further enhancing a pendulum putting stroke.

Any type of golfer, regardless of handicap, male or female, right-handed or left-handed, tall or short, amateur or professional can benefit from the Guiote Putter Grip. The Guiote Putter Grip is designed to "make any putter better".  

  • New high-tech PU material for improved feel and tackiness
  • Oversized shape, 1.67” in diameter
  • 10.50" Length
  • 90 Grams +/- 5
  • 0.580" Core
  • Flat front design reduces wrist action

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