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2 of Standard Weights for Callaway Stroke Lab and Ten Putters


Brand 19th Hole Custom Shop

Adjustable weighting lets you customize the weight and feel of your putter from the stock weight to different weight(stock weight is 15 grams). Experiment with different weights. Try something new. 

  • Compatible with Odyssey Stoke Lab and Ten Series putters as models below
    • All Ten Series Putters: Ten S, 2-Ball Ten, 2-Ball Ten Triple, 2-Ball Ten Tour, etc.
    • Stroke Lab Ten
    • Stroke Lab Nine
    • Stroke Lab Seven
    • Stroke Lab Seven S
    • Stroke Lab Tuttle
    • Stroke Lab Tuttle Flow
    • Stroke Lab V-Line
    • Stroke Lab V-Line S
    • Stroke Lab V-Line CS
    • Stroke Lab One
    • Stroke Lab Three
    • Stroke Lab Double Wide
    • Stroke Lab Double Wide Flow
  • These weights DO NOT fit Stroke Lab Marxman, Stoke Lab 2-Ball Fang, Stroke Lab R-Ball series putters
  • Weight are available at: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 gram
  • Quantity is in 2 weights
  • Color: black

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